The Traffic Monsters

In the fall of 2012, Yannick Cornet and Sunniva Sandbukt founded in order to create a platform for discussing and evolving the concept of mobility.

Sunniva Sandbukt

As a masters student of Technology and Society at Roskilde University, I find myself increasingly studying our mobile society. While there is a great deal of material available within the academic community, I often find that what seem like great and obvious ideas do not translate well into the public attention.

A childhood in Indonesia, and a bachelors degree in International Development and Global Studies, have formed my research interests to focus mainly on the rising demand for mobility in a developing context.

Yannick Cornetme2 bw

I have a long held interest in mobility, sustainability and leadership, which led me to pursue a Ph.D. in sustainable transport planning and indicator frameworks at the Danish Technical University. Transportation is notoriously complex: it is considered essential to meet our fundamental human needs and to sustain economic activity, while it continues to bring stark unintended effects to societies in the form of air pollution, emissions, noise, traffic, space- and resource-use, growing mobility inequality and other rebound effects. I believe solutions may be more strategic than technological: planning accessibility rather than mobility, using supportive and well-integrated measures that will reduce the need to travel as well as make sustainable transport solutions attractive.

My research interests revolve around the operationalisation of principles of sustainability towards a vision of environmentally scalable and socially equitable mobility – let us call this “Strategic Sustainable Mobility Planning”.

I come from Montréal, Canada, and I am based in Copenhagen, Denmark. I hold an Electrical Engineering degree from Sherbrooke University (Canada), and a M.Sc. in Technological and Socio-Economic Planning from Roskilde University (Denmark). My experience includes an international career in project management, including 5 years in Beijing, a city where I experienced first-hand the growth of the traffic monster!

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