thetrafficmonster.org is a blog dedicated to the discussion of issues pertaining to sustainable transport. All entries must relate to this topic, focusing on either social,  environmental, or economic aspects of sustainability.

Posts can be both serious and humourous, and can take a variety of forms. They can be article reviews, presentations, personally written articles or essays, synopsis from  seminars, experiences from the real mobile world. So long as they relate to sustainable mobility.

It is a forum for sharing and developing thoughts,  connecting knowledge, and creating access to information. Its openness to anyone who is interested in the field of sustainable mobility guarantees a variety of perspectives and priorities, making it more reflective of societal concerns and needs. Engineers, social scientists, technocrats, aestheticians, psychologists, environmentalists…

thetrafficmonster.org hopes to reflect many facets of a recurring problem in the movement of people and goods. It aims not only to question paradigms, but to provide a forum for developing new and existing ideas to replace them. To be both theoretical, idealistic, and hypothetical, as well as  realistic, pragmatic, and solution-oriented.

A forum where opinions and thoughts will foster  commentaries and questions, allowing us to develop our ideas and research, so that we can equip ourselves to deal with contemporary and future transport challenges.

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